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Pre Corbon Filter, Post Corbon Filter, Sediment Filter Suitable for all Domestic RO Machines

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Pre Corbon Filter : Chlorine and Odour Reduction Filter which removes the bad tastes and absorbing some harmful organic chemical that may be still present.

Technology from USA.

Max pressure : 125 psi

Max Temp : 100 F

Max Flow : 1.5 GPM

Sediment filter: Sludge, Rust, Dirt Reduction. Effectively remove dust and rust remains of which particles relativily big. Prevent variount impurities from entering other filters in order to increase filter performance and life span.

Post Corbon Filter : This post Corbon Filter made by high purity activated charcoal with superior porous removes organic chemical substances including remaining chlorine contents in the water and maintains fresh water taste by removing unpleasant gas contents.