Esa Cold Pressed Sesame Oil 1000 ml
Esa Cold Pressed Sesame Oil 1000 ml

Esa Cold Pressed Sesame Oil 1000 ml

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Esa Cold Pressed Sesame Oil 1000 ml

Cold pressed oils are considered as superior oils. These oils are obtained through pressing of seeds at controlled temperature and possesses natural properties of seeds like flavor, aroma, color and nutritional value. These oils are not treated with any kind of chemicals, solvents & additives. Peanut oil is suitable for frying and high temperature cooking At Nectar Valley, we use the oldest cold press method (Ghani) to extract peanut oil, by which the oil retains its nutrients, natural flavor & aroma, which usually gets lost during refining process.

Making Process :-

  • Sesame seeds are pressed on traditional Mara Chekku / Traditional Wood Extracting Manual Machine Method and extracted oil.
  • This type of extracting the oil is also called Mara Chekku Oil / Wood Extracted Oil 
  • This cold pressed coconut oil has been allowed to sediment in oil tank for 3 to 4 days.
  • Then filtered oil filled into Tin or bottle based on the requirement.
  • 100 % natural and there is nothing added or removed during the preparation.
  • This unrefined coconut oil has food fat content which helps your skin to glow and many other benefits